Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi rice cooker Costco comes as a very versatile rice cooker in this year. Classy looks and design will make you wonder if it is complicated to be operated for. However, it is totally wrong. Once you get to see them as a real, you will find that it’s not that complicated and difficult as you taught. It provides you to cook in many different types of rice easily. With a single click of its button, you can get your rice or porridge done in a while.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Costco in Several Types and Functions

Before getting confused which one is suitable for your kitchen needs, you better know what their every difference on purpose is. Zojirushi rice cooker Costco is available on conventional, Micom, also Induction Heating and Pressurized System that will ease your cooking experience with the ability in every unit.

First, the conventional rice cooker is preferred by people who need the simplest with the lowest price yet still have high technology system. What makes it differ with conventional rice cooker from another brand is its heating source. It is located in the bottom which will automatically turn on and off in temperature reaction only. Besides, it has detachable and washable inner lid with the easy-to-clean non-sticky coated for inner cooking pan.

Move to the second one. It is Neuro Fuzzy type with advanced microchip technology that allows rice cooker itself to determine and adjust the temperature or heating time. Well, rice need to be cooked perfectly. Then, how it works? Zojirushi rice cooker Costco in Neuro-Fuzzy type has few rice-menu settings that you can choose according to your rice type (for example white rice, semi-brown rice, or even for the brown rice). There are also some features that available on this type only; stay-cool side handles, reheating cycle, semi-brown rice menu setting, and rinse-free rice menu setting. It all eases you beyond the expectation.

The last one is the Induction Heating (IH) and Pressurize System core. There are two different units include in this kind of rice cooker system. One is The IH Micom rice cooker and the other is Pressurized IH Micom. The specialization of the IH system rice cooker is the ability to heat the whole inner pan instead of heating just from the bottom. With IH Zojirushi rice cooker Costco, you can cook at a higher temperature with a greater control as well.

The one that has Pressure feature is more expensive than IH system only. The pressurized system is built into the pan and increased the boiling water temperature to beyond the normal 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it can’t be heated further if the water has allowed being boiled, the environment still sealed the pressure and created a better penetration of the rice. This system proves that Zojirushi rice cooker Costco with pressurized feature has been found to keep the rice soft for a longer period of the time if it’s compared with other regular rice cookers. Moreover, the price is still worth it.


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