Vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s is used in a lot of recipes. In fact, vanilla bean paste is essential in bringing delicious, sweet taste when you are baking cakes, making dessert and many more. This is why Trader Joe’s continues to produce the vanilla bean paste product, and it sells out all over the world.

However, if you think that buying the product continuously is not great for your shopping budget, you can always make your own vanilla bean paste that essentially tastes exactly the same as Trader Joe’s. Will it be very difficult? No! All you need is actually just three ingredients and three steps of cooking then that it is. Read the full recipe below.


  • 30 fresh vanilla beans
  • 1 2/3  cups agave syrup
  • 6 tablespoons vanilla extract

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Making vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s is very easy. First, prepare a food processor. Into the food processor, add in all three ingredients. Close the lid and start processing the ingredients until they are well-combined and turned into thick paste.
  2. Place a fine strainer over a small bowl or jug. Pour the paste onto the strainer and then press the paste until all the liquid from the paste are all transferred into the bowl. Pour the strained vanilla paste into a jar with an air-tight lid.
  3. Keep the homemade vanilla bean paste refrigerated.

This recipe is going to get you the best ever vanilla bean recipe that you make on your own. The best thing about this vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s recipe is the fact you can alter the ingredients as well. Instead of using agave, you can also use honey or even vegetable glycerin (for those who do not consume sugar or sweetener).

The key to make a good vanilla paste using this recipe is to keep straining the processed ingredients until all liquid is coming out of the strainer, leaving the thick-like pulp dry. Do not discard the pulp, though, because you can use it for many recipes, including making vanilla extract or even vanilla-infused vodka for your booze collection.

By making this, you will save your money since you do not need to buy Trader Joe’s product anymore. The recipe of homemade vanilla bean paste is very easy to follow and the ingredients are practically laying there in your pantry or kitchen. Therefore, use the recipe now to make the perfect copycat version of vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s.


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