There is no other excellent place to get healthy Mediterranean and Turkish food than the Anatolia mart Mediterranean & Turkish food market. You don’t only purchase food and beverages there. But, choices of other products are also available.

This food market always becomes the recommended place when you search ‘Mediterranean market near me’. Whenever you need dairy products, delicacies, natural products, and many other products, just go to this place. You can get all products that no other food market can provide because all of the products here are originally from Turkey.

Special Products Of Anatolia Mart Mediterranean & Turkish Food Market

You might say that there are Mediterranean markets that you can find nearby. But, this food market is different. It doesn’t only provide excellent products, but also special discounts to cut down expenses.

Special products from this food market include:

1.      Baklava

It is authentic Turkish food with such a special taste. There are two choices of Baklava in this food market. You can choose either Moda Baklava Roll with Pistachio or Moda Baklava Fig Shape with Walnut.

This layered pastry is usually for dessert in which the filling is various, based on eaters’ tastes. This is the most favorite sweet Turkish pastries. Choices include Baklava Antep, Baklava Enfes, and Baklava Gazi.

2.      Coffee

Special kinds of coffee are available here. Choices include Osso Ottoman Coffee, Osso Dibek Coffee, Turkish Coffee, and many others. Other best-selling coffee is Arabica Coffee and Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee.

3.      Breakfast

Want to enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast? Get yourself various Turkish cheeses like Pinar Yarim Yagli Beyaz Peynir, Pinar traditional white cheese, Pinar Koyun Peyniri, Pinar Butter. Other breakfast ingredients that you can try are Smoked Turkey, Merve Beef, Nema Beef Halal, and other instant spices.

You can also get healthy yogurt milk or gourmet butter. There are also choices of olives to support your healthy lifestyle. The best product here is black olives with the very best prices.

4.      Beverages

You will find some beverages like Kemal Kukrer Sargam, Uludag Frutty Orange, Pinar Sour Cherry Juice, and other healthy beverages. All of them are mostly available at discounted prices. Those beverages are made of pure fruit ingredients with a very fresh taste.

5.      Frozen Food

For you who are very busy in preparing your meals, just buy lots of frozen foods here. Make yourself homemade Mediterranean cuisines like Barbunya Pilaki, Turkish Roll Borek, and Bolgour soup, and the list is endless.

6.      Snacks

Turkish snacks are delicious. Try the roasted and dried sunflower seeds, taco spicy, Damak Chocolate with Pistachio, and other delicious snacks. There are also Turkish biscuits like Eti Tea, Eti Whola, Eti Kremali, Marshmallow Biscuits, and many more. All of them are healthy and fat-free. Prices are good though you should come by often to find regular discounts.

All products here are also available at Sara Mediterranean market. But, if you live nearby Anatolia mart Mediterranean & Turkish food market, you can buy your daily needs here. You won’t get a shortage of products in this place.


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