Need some advice about how to do needle maintenance Keurig? Well, you have come to the right place. Needle problems may be your main problem when it comes to using a Keurig product. Guess what, to maintain your quality of coffee, you need to clean the needle routinely. Otherwise, you may ruin the quality and taste of your coffee.

However, not everyone is skilled in cleaning the needle of Keurig. Don’t worry as needle maintenance Keurig can be learned, and it doesn’t even take you a full hour to do so. Follow these instructions below so that you can learn how to maintain the Keurig needle.

First, you need to prepare the right accessory tool for cleaning the brewer. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one online. Simply refer to ‘Keurig maintenance accessory tool’, and you will easily find one. It doesn’t even cost you a fortune to purchase it.

Then, you can do these procedures below to do needle maintenance Keurig 2.0.

  1. Make sure you have turned off the coffee brewer. Plus, unplug the brewer from any electricity source.
  2. Using the maintenance accessory tool? Cool, now you need to pour water into the cup which is in the center.
  3. Then, open the brewer’s head. Place the tool right in the cupholder. The tool should tightly fit the cupholder. Ensure the arrow of the cup is facing you while the power button is placed on your right.
  4. Make the brew head to open and close around five times.
  5. Now, you can take the tool out.
  6. It’s time to flush the remaining coffee grounds with some more water. You will need to make sure that the water reservoir is full first, then run brewing cycles thrice (or more) with only water. This will make sure to dismiss any remaining any coffee grounds existing in the needle.

After those procedures, now you can have your clean brewer! Make sure you do the procedures mentioned carefully as the needle could potentially harm you.

Need an alternative method? You can consider using a safety pin or a paper clip to clean the needle. You need to do the exact procedure as you do with the accessory tool.

Note that you will also need to turn off the machine and make sure it is unplugged for your own safety. Plus, as mentioned before, you need to do this procedure of needle maintenance Keurig carefully.


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