Induction Heating System Np Gbc05Rice Cooker & Warmer

One of top cooking devices is Np Gbc05. What do you get form this product? It is device for cooking rice and keeping the food warm. This product has advanced feature and technology. More about Induction Heating System Np Gbc05Rice Cooker & Warmer will be explored in the following section.

Features on Induction Heating System Np Gbc05

Do you know induction-heating system? It is new method to make the heat in this product. Old technology uses metal at the bottom of rice cooker to boost the heat. When you plug the rice cooker, this metal receives electricity then turn into heat conductor. Cooking started from bottom to move upward until reach the surface area. That is why you need to take carefully when this type of rice cooker is in cooking mode. This is not effective way for cooking. In induction technology, there is still metal at the bottom part, but it is no longer spreading the heat upward.

In Induction Heating System Np Gbc05Rice Cooker & Warmer, the device uses magnetic transmission to create the heat. In previous technology, metal or coin generated heat then used cooking pan as transporter to reach the top area. Heating capability relies too much on metal coil. At the top area, the heat is not as much as in the bottom section. In new technology, magnetic field comes from bottom then it uses cooking pan to spread equally. Each area around cooking pan receives some heat capacity because the heating comes directly from cooking pan itself. It is the most distinction technology to use on cooking tool.

Np Gbc05 uses the energy efficiently. Cooking source comes from all area inside this device. It is no longer one source heating. Inner part for cooking uses coated stainless steel. It is safe and easy to control heating. This pan is also capable to support other ingredients, besides rice. The design is thick and spherical with black color. You do not have to worry for washing. This pan is washable and easy to clean after cooking process is done.

Other features are LED display and control panel. This product uses bright display with high visibility. You can see timer and clock to know starting and finishing time. In this display, you also see timer to know how long the cooking will be ready. Few panels help to control cooking setting to adjust your preference. One of features on this product is called brown rice setting. As you know, rice brown becomes popular for diet program since it is healthier than common rice. This setting will control rice cooker to set temperature at 104 F. The cooking takes two hours and the nutrient inside this rice increases 1.5 times. Besides rice brown, it has other setting for porridge, sushi, white/mixed rice, and quick cooking.

The capacity is 3 cups or o.54 liter. Besides cooking pan, you also receive power cord, measurement cup, and spatula. Purchasing package includes manual and warranty book. This device also receives high quality control to make sure everything works properly. Therefore, Induction Heating System Np Gbc05Rice Cooker & Warmer is suitable choice to cook the rice or other foods efficiently.


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