Crawfish pot and burner is a pair of simple appliances, yet there are several things you may need to consider before buying them. From deep frying to boiling, you should be able to use the burner for cooking almost any food that requires very hot temperatures. The pot itself should be large enough for cooking them, with ease of carrying it in mind. If you are still confused, then follow this article for more information.

A crawfish cooker almost always comes in a set of the pot and burner. There’s not much to take away from each product since they’re very to the point. So first let us talk about the burner. The burner should be rigid, level and large enough for the pot it’s accommodating. The pot shouldn’t slide when placed on the burner, because it’s dangerous when you have a pot of heavy boiling water sliding around. Then, you need to look at the propane hose and regulator. A high-quality burner comes with a high-quality regulator and hose. Better to have high quality than cheap out and have a leaky hose or regulator.

The best part of crawfish pot and burner is the pot, a place where the magic is boiling, frying, or stewing. There’s not much to take away, because mostly it’s just a container. So firstly, you need to look at it quality wise. Search for holes, rust, scratches, damages, and bends that might leak or chip the chrome plating if you have the stainless steel pot. Then, you need to put it on top of your chosen burner. Make sure it sits just right and don’t slide around. Then you take a look at the handles and lid. It’s preferred to have a rubber layer covering the steel handle, so you don’t have to carry gloves to lift the pot. The position of the handles should also large and comfortable to hold so you can carry the heavy pot safely.

Then it comes to material. The best one is stainless steel, because it’s stronger, more resilient, and can tolerate much higher heat. Stainless steel can be the material of the pot, burner, even the hose. But, stainless steel sets are heavy and often the most expensive ones you find. The alternative is aluminum, the lighter and cheaper but much lower quality wise than stainless steel. This is the buyers’ guide for crawfish pot and burner; hopefully you’ll be able to purchase the right one for your next BBQ!


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