Oiless fryer becomes alternative to lower oil consumption without losing the taste. Frying is common with oil in order to brown the food surface. Potato chips, chicken, meat, and any foods are delicious after taking from hot oil. However, you do not have to worry when oil is an issue in your health. Oven and cooker are available as alternative, but the taste and texture is not as same as frying. This is where manufacturers develop kitchen appliance that’s capable to do frying without oil. How does it work? What are pros and cons? Well, the answers are explained in the following sections.

1. How does oiless fryer work
Oiless fryer uses air compression to deliver browning texture. The appliance controls air circulation inside and increases the temperature by pressing more at certain level. In general, the process is quite similar to microwave where appliance produces certain waves to turn the ingredients. On contrary, appliance relies on pressing hot air that acts as the same as hot oil. The result is brown and crispy texture with no oil at all.

2. Oil vs. oil less fryer
Before going further, people still think that frying without oil is not much different with the oil. Which one is better for you? Oil less cooking has advantage due to less fat. Of course, it depends on the type of ingredients, but no oil is better in general nutrient composition.

On the other side, oil is no single type related to cooking. You can use vegetable oil, vinegar, olive oil, or anything that still capable to do frying. In certain country, people use fats from meat to brown their foods. Olive oil is the best option and healthier for long-term utilization. However, proper oil frying is not as bad as you expect. However, it takes extra concern and delicacy to ensure the oil is in good condition. That’s why oil less cooking seems to be alternative.

3. Features and control
This kind of appliance has features and controls. You just choose how long cooking should be and texture you want to obtain. Time setting and air control are the main features that are always installed. In order to find the right product, you should compare one and another. Each has similarities and differences.

For long-term healthy diet, frying without oil is the best option. Besides, kids will like the food with delicate texture and healthy enough to consume. For your information, oil less fryer recipe is available in internet for this appliance. That’s what you need to know about oiless fryer.


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