Griddle for induction cooktop is a simple way to prepare food without much hassle. Induction cooktop is not a stove. It looks like flat pan but can generate heat from magnetic induction. In general, you can put almost any cookware there, including griddle. However, it’s not that simple because the cooking result will be different. To ensure everything is in proper order, you need consider few things at the below list.


The most important part is material to put on the top of induction cooktop. Most griddles use cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic. Magnetic induction will do better when the material is conductor. In that case, you can rely on iron-based griddle. The heat will transport and distribute faster from cooktop to reach the griddle surface. You can get quick food that’s faster than others. On the other side, stainless steel and ceramic might not be as fast as iron in term of cooking time. On the other side, you can get cleaner and healthier food at all. Ceramic is the best griddle if you want fewer compounds to mix with your foods. Meanwhile, stainless is average choice due to its reliability.


You cannot put griddle for induction cooktop which the size is not in proper proportion. Well, for griddle size, it depends on the area at cooktop itself. If you have big and large one, the size is up to you. Small griddle is best for quick cooking. You may do not have much time when cooking in this utensil. In fact, people rely on griddle and induction cooktop for the fast, reliability, and efficient cooking.


The cooking process is done, and the next step is cleaning. Iron cooktop griddle will take time to get rid of stain clogged at the top and bottom area. In stainless one, you should not find much problem because manufacturers mostly add non-stick surface. Moreover, ceramic is most reliable one in term of cleaning. It is modified to be similar to pan. Non-stick surface helps to clean faster and easier.

One thing you cannot forget about griddle is what kind of food you cook. Induction cooktop is available for certain type of cooking. That’s why you need to adjust the ingredients with griddle. Bread, eggs, cheese, even spaghetti are common foods you can have with griddle. Keep in mind that the cooking depends on your skill. Well, the experienced chefs can do much in their kitchen only with griddle for induction cooktop.


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