Are you looking for the most durable and modern pressure cooker? If yes, Ambiano pressure cooker is the best answer to complete your kitchen utensils. It special because you can get at least 8 benefits when you decide to use it. What are they? Read this article to know the nine benefits of having this pressure cooker.

  1. Non-sticky stainless steel: The pressure cooker is built with durable and high quality of non-sticky stainless steel. You do not have to be afraid of the dirt from dried food during the cooking.
  2. 8- quartz capacity: The different feature from the previous version of Ambiano pressure cooker is the capacity. Previously it has 6-quartz in capacity while the latest one has 8-quartz in capacity.
  3. Nine programs in one: The cooker has nine programs in one device. So, with only one pressure cooker, you can steam, keep your food warm, cook in slow mode, cook rice, make cake, sauté, and make yogurt.
  4. Multi- purpose cooking: You can also have a multi- purpose food cooking options. So, you can use different cooking option to cook each of these following ingredients, namely eggs, poultry, meat, beans or chili, grains, oats, and broth or soup.
  5. Complete set: When you buy a set of Ambiano Pressure Cooker you will also get cooking pot without chemical varnishes, steam rack, measuring cup, soup spoon and rice paddle. You will also get the condensation collector. As bonus, you will get recipe book, user manual, and a guide for quick start.
  6. LED display: The pressure cooker is equipped with one-touch LED display for its control panels for coking programs. So, it is very easy to operate; just press the control panels of the favored ones.
  7. 3- year official warranty: As a product with a big name and high level of quality, Ambiano pressure cooker is completed with 3- year warranty by Customer Care USA. So, if there is any problem with your cooker within 3 years, don’t worry. Just claim your warranty.
  8. Safety mechanism: Some people are afraid of getting burnt when they are opening the working pressure cooker. The safety mechanism in Ambino pressure cooker guarantees the user’s safety while using it. So, there is no reason to worry.

Those are eight benefits of choosing Ambino Pressure Cooker for your kitchen. Get it and use it now.


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