When you want alternative in cooking meat, you can try deer roast in crock pot. Deer meat is great replacement for the beef. Although it may seem different, in fact it can give the same taste. Even, the deer meat can be tastier. In this case, crock pot is chosen for the cooking process and it will use the slow-cooking method.

It is true that deer roast can be good replacement for beef and other kinds of meat. Although some people find that it is quite rare to consume the deer meat, it does not mean it is not tasty. However, since it is not like common meat, you will need special treatment. In this case, you will need to know how to prepare the meat before cooking it in the crock pot. For those preparations, just follow these points.

Removing the fat

When you have deer roast in crock pot recipe, you need some preparations and removing the fat is the first step to do. You can prepare a cutting board and boning knife. This kind of knife can be helpful to remove the fat faster and easier. Then, you only trim the fat from deer roast. However, it is better to keep small part of the fat. The fat will be useful to give additional taste during cooking process.

Marinating the meat

Once you have removed the fat, it is time to use marinade. For some people, marinade is less necessary. However, it can give better taste and make the meat tender. In order to use it, just use plastic bag. Then, pour the marinade on the meat. In this step, it is important to make sure that all parts of the meat can proper marinade. For the recommendation of marinade, it is easier to buy the product. It is also possible to make it from the tomato juice or buttermilk. After that, it is time to leave the marinated meat for one hour, but it will be better when you can rest the meat overnight.

Seasoning the meat

Marinating is different from seasoning the meat. Marinating is only to prepare the meat to get better tenderness, while seasoning is to give better and richer taste. It is recommended to season the meat before cooking deer roast in crock pot with the other ingredients. At least, you can use salt, onion powder and pepper. These simple seasonings will give good taste on the meat.

Those are some steps to prepare the deer roast. It may take some process, but it is important to get the best taste. These preparations will make sure that you will get the best results when cooking deer roast in crock pot.


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