You should not fail to mention Hardee’s vegan burger when it comes to discussing this “hit” food. The product was launched not too long ago but excitement over it has skyrocketed. This new menu release is an answer to current market condition. There are more people who start adopting the meat and dairy free diet due to certain concerns such as environmental condition and animal rights. Thus, incorporating vegan options in the menu is a smart move to cater more customers. It puts the chain restaurant in competitive advantage, especially against bigger chains out there.

If you are enjoying Hardee’s lunch, you should order its vegan product line: Beyond Meat. The product line is currently comprised by two menu options, which are Beyond Sausages and Beyond Thickburger. They are the vegan version of similar menu options that are already offered previously. The production process does not involve any animal product. However, the chain fast food restaurant aims to maintain the classic flavor of its burgers. Thus, you will still find that delicious flavor of Hardee’s meaty burgers in the non-meat burgers. Of course, there are some things that are compromised in the new vegan menus, such as texture and a little bit of the element. Nonetheless, for vegans, such alternatives are heavenly.

Hardee’s vegan burger has similar appearance to the non-vegan one upon the first glance. It has two buns, you can choose between the seeded ones or sourdough ones. For the vegetables, you will still get dill pickles, tomato, sliced onions, and iceberg lettuce. The sauce consists of in house mustard, ketchup, and vegan mayonnaise. The vegan patty is served with that. Similar structure can also be seen in the Beyond Sausages. You can serve the sausage with vegan biscuit in order to get the flavor as close to the original one. Many customers have reported their satisfaction upon the offered product. Since it is only an introduction, you can expect some improvements to be done latter.

The restaurant also has other vegan and vegetarian options for customers other than burgers. You can purchase veggie salad with high quality produce in the chain restaurant. You can also opt for grilled cheese if you still tolerate dairy products. They are available at all time. People who have health condition such as gluten allergy can also opt for buns that do not have gluten content in it. Now, you know that you can order Hardee’s vegan burger the next time you have lunch there.


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