What should be done in order to make infant cereal WIC? First, you need to know what WIC is and what it means when it comes to meal prepping. WIC itself stands for ‘Women, Infants, and Children’. This term is used in the program of increasing the intake of nutritious food for women, infants, and children in a low-income household.

This program is aimed to design a set of meal for these people without having to spend an expensive price for it. That said, women, infants, and children have their own recommendation about how a certain food should be to befit what it should.

In terms of infant cereal WIC, certainly there is guidance about what aspects you should look for in the product. These are what should be taken into consideration when it comes to preparing WIC cereals for your infants:

  • For WIC program, your cereal should come either in 8 oz or 16 oz.
  • The cereal must come in its dry state.
  • The brands supported by WIC are as follows:
    • Beech-Nut,
    • Gerber, and
    • Earth’s Best Organic
  • For its type, you may consider taking:
    • Whole wheat
    • Multigrain
    • Barley,
    • Rice, or
    • Oatmeal.

Additionally, for WIC infant cereals, you should not take cereals coming with:

  • Supplementary flavors
  • Additional probiotics and prebiotics
  • Coming in the form of cans, pouches, and jars, or
  • Coming as an individual packets/single-serve product.

Some of you may wonder about what this program is about. For more information, you can read the information on this following explanation.

Special Nutrition Program WIC is a program in which the federal government provides their low-income households some funds to buy healthy food as well as for paying for healthcare access. This program is also providing the residents nutritional education which is targeted mainly to women, infants, and children under 5.

With this program, it is expected that the participants can have a healthier pregnancy (for women) and a more nourished infancy and childhood.

You need to comply with a specific eligibility to be able to be a participant of this program. So far, the program will be open for ones who are pregnant, in a postpartum period, as well as being within the first year of exclusive breastfeeding.

Before being deemed as an eligible participant, you need to be assessed by a professional health practitioner. You will later be determined whether you are in a nutritional risk or not. This assessment is done in any WIC clinic, and don’t worry, you’re not charged with any bucks.

So, that is the information about what kind of infant cereal you can buy if you are a part of this program. Knowing this will give you an insight about what kind of infant cereal WIC is great for your baby.


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