What do you think when you hear of Chompies bread sprouts? This low-carb bread is said to be perfect bread for keto-eaters. But is that a true fact? If you are going with ketogenic diet, there should be many questions in your mind regarding this product. You may search for facts to decide whether to believe this product or not. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will give you a brief explanation about what does Chompies bread sprouts have to offer you. This will include several FAQs and nutrition facts as we’ve gathered from many resources.

The ingredients of this bread

Wondering about this bread’s ingredients? This bread is multigrain bread; hence you may find it with gluten. This is also mentioned in their ingredients, though. Vital wheat gluten, soy flour, and many other grains are mentioned as the ingredient of this bread.


How many calories will you take per serving?

According to its nutrition facts, Chompies multigrain bread is one slice per serving. This will be equal to 70 calories per serving—which is considered pretty high if you don’t know the science. Google it a bit and you will find that white bread serves you right with 264 kcal. Do the math, and well, Chompies’ calories are way lower. Definitely a great match for keto-eaters.


How many carbs does this bread have?

With 70 calories in mind, the total carb you need to deal with is 5 grams—which accounts for 2% of our daily carbohydrate needs. A small amount is also combined with enough protein (which is 9 gram) and low amount of fat, which is 2 grams only. If you are looking for a slice of bread with decent amount of dietary fiber, you can get this bread. Each slice gives you 11% of daily fiber needs.


Will you be able to toast Chompies bread?

Well, why not? Be it eaten ‘raw’ (meaning that you don’t do anything for the bread), toasted, or had it as a binder for meats—you can enjoy the bread whichever way you want.


Is this bread diabetic-friendly?

Given that this bread is low in calories and sugar, this bread makes a good option for ones diabetics. But keep in mind to have that as needed—otherwise, it will be another ‘attack’ if taken excessively.


Where are Chompies bread sold?

If you are wondering where to find this bread, you can simply get it from the Chompie’s restaurant. Sprouts Farmer Market Stores throughout the nation has the bread—so you can get into any nearest Sprout to buy this bread.

So, what do you think about this bread? Do you think you will give Chompies bread Sprouts a try?


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