The question of “are Skittles gluten free” has been around for quite sometimes. There are a lot of people who need to find out whether or not the candy is gluten free. Skittles is the brand of classic candy. It has been kid’s staple for sweets more than three decades. The colorful pebble-like candy is indeed delicious and it is quite a treat for children (and adult).


Why is it important to know?

Well, of course, it is important to know whether or not the candy is gluten free or not. For those who do not understand what gluten is, it is actually a sort of protein found mostly in wheat. The protein is great for some reasons, but many people tend to avoid this kind of protein, especially when they are on diet. Gluten is great for kids in their growing phase, though.

The thing is, a lot of people are allergic to gluten. They cannot consume it whatsoever because it can trigger allergic reaction. Therefore, of course, when you are allergic to gluten and want to eat Skittles, you need to know exactly whether the candy is gluten free. If it is, you can have it. However, if it isn’t, surely you won’t go near the candy.


Are They Gluten Free, though?

So, what is the answer of are Skittles gluten free? Well, thankfully the answer is YES. The candy is indeed gluten free. It does not contain any sorts of gluten, and you can have the candy even though you are allergic to gluten. Now, you know the answer, and you just have to find out with other brands, such as “are Smarties gluten free?”


Are They Gelatin Free?

Skittles is indeed gluten free. But, how is about gelatin? The extract of cow bones is usually used as thickening agent and to create gumminess in candy. Do Skittles have it, though? Well, they are not. Skittles are also gelatin free, so if you are vegan, you can have this candy, too.

Well, that is all you need to know about Skittles and whether or not they are gluten free. The answer is YES; a big YES. So, if you are allergic to gluten or cannot consume gluten for any reasons, you can still have a bag of Skittles with no worry at all. In addition, you need to find out this information as the question of “are Skittles gluten free” is asked all the time.


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