Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven

You can cook delicious foods using Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven. It is the top choice when you need appliance with many capabilities. This oven is box-shaped with lid at front and some controls. Baking and roasting are common functions for oven, but you may use for defrost, slow cooking, and rotisserie. The product provides manual to support user alongside the recipe. You need to know each part, how to use properly as well as the maintenance, including cleaning.

Exploring Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven uses electricity as power source. Safety is the top priority to prevent harm and dangerous situation. The oven will be at hot temperature during baking and you cannot stand near this appliance. Do not put any high temperature and inflammable object at the top or surrounding area. Check the cord and plug properly. Moreover, table or surface where you put this appliance has to be plain and stable. Unstable surface is dangerous for accident.

At the first step, reading manual gives comprehensive information regarding parts of this appliance. It consists of two sections: upper and lower levels. At upper part, you see control for temperature, function selector, and timer. All of them are also available at lower section. Other parts are dehydrating rack, lower pizza rack, crumb tray, rotisserie spit and removal tool, roasting rack, roasting pan, and upper level tray for crumb. From those parts, you use rack and pan, depending on cooking method. Knowing each part helps to cook better.

Well, pizza is not the only one to make by Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven. The procedure is easy to follow, but there is certain matter to put utmost attention. Normal baking will take upper level. The space is enough for many ingredients. You use usual tray and pan then put inside this area. Make sure temperature and time is at zero point. The temperature is between 275 and 350 for various ingredients such as cheese, cake, bread, muffin, pies, and cookies. The appliance uses conventional heating technology to cook foods. You can expect to finish early because baking is faster than usual radiant mode.

Besides normal baking, you can use this appliance for defrost and slow cooking. Defrost is opposite way because there is no heating. Set food on tray then the temperature is at zero. It turns food at frost form. Slow cooking is a method to make tender food. You use it for meat, stew, and soup in order to blend seasoning into these ingredients. The process is at lower level where you set temperature at 250 then choose slow cooking mode. The food will be ready after the time is passed and you can take it out of oven. Other methods for cooking are roasting rotisserie, and broiling. Roasting is usual baking for meat at lower rack. You can follow standard procedure. Rotisserie is at lower section where meat will roast slowly. It is healthy way to keep nutrition from deterioration.

From those procedures, you can choose based on what food you want to make. Knowing parts will help to understand cooking process. In addition, manufacturer provides manual on Wolfgang Puck Bistro Collection Convection Oven to support customers.



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