Whenever you bake or decorate a chocolate treat, Merckens candy melts are the necessary ingredient you need to prepare. Some people have love and hate relationship when it comes to candy melts since the manuals on package can be very confusing to follow. You may find a lot of brands in the market, but Merckens is one of the most recommended ones you can try.

There are many kinds of Merckens candy melts which are widely available in the market. Candy melts are also known as confectionery coating, that’s made of sugar, condensed milk, cooking oil, colors, and flavorings. In the manual below, you will know how to melt colored candy melts with no fuss.

Merckens Candy Melts Manual to Get Nicely Melted Coatings


  1. Put ½ pound of colored candy melts into a microwave bowl, and heat it for about one minute at 30 up to 50% power.
  2. The candy melts will not be immediately melted. It would help if you stirred it and put back the bowl into the microwave for about 30 seconds with the same power.
  3. Keep stirring when the melts are still too thick. Stir it well for one minute, and afterward, put the bowl back in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  4. Take out the bowl. Stir it again for one up to two minutes. After that, check the temperature and compare it with your body temperature. If it is way hotter, let it rest for several minutes. You may still be finding some lumps, but you don’t need to worry. After several minutes, stir your candy melts again until the lumps vanish.
  1. Check the temperature again. If it is much colder, put back the bowl into the microwave for a few second. Take the candy melts bowl out and stir it again until it melted as you desire.
  1. If the candy melts are still too thick, add a spoonful of butter or any other shortening. Once you mix it, it may look so lumpy. You only need to keep stirring it for several minutes as the candy melts will melt the shortening. If the lumps are still there, put back the candy melts bowl in the microwave for a few seconds.

How to melt Merckens Candy Melts is very easy, right? Now, it is melted nicely and ready to be used for decorating and coating your chocolate treat, cake pops, dip dried fruit, or you can even turn Merckens candy melts into sugar-free chocolate cookies.


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