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Fall is Approaching Fast

Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days in the kitchen menu planning.  Here is what I was working on today…I am tired!  But I love fall!! Simple and Rustic Apple Galette with Warm Caramel Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Sweetened Pears and Porchetta Plated Butternut Squash Risotto with Parmesan, Nutmeg and Fresh Sage Fresh Swiss Chard […]

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Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs 2008 (Same author as The Friday Night Knitting Club)

    Quick read, lots of drama, fun to explore the idea many have of hosting their own Food Network Show. (Don’t kid yourself….we all dream!!) Light reading for anyone wanting to detour from heavier reads. In my opinion, not a must read but nonetheless quick and fun. Minimal references to actual food which is […]

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