There are basically countless canning recipes for beans, and they are useful if you are into canned beans so much. Canned beans are relatively inexpensive and also easy to fix. You are free to include them in any dish you like – whether simmering them in the broth, including them in common cheesy meal, and so much more. Depending on your creativity, you can create tasty dishes without having to spend a fortune.


Canning Recipes for Beans Versatility

On the contrary to what people believe, canned beans are actually quite versatile and easy to incorporate in any kind of dish, especially soups or stews. There are many ideas to generate, such as Loaded Minestrone Soup, which is basically a veggie soup, but in its classis Italian version, mixed with tomato broth, tons of pasta, and also parmesan cheese. Or you can try the Smoky Chipotle Chicken (Chili) Soup that is perfect for a lot of people. Even if you have it as a leftover, it will get better because the flavor stays develop overnight!

Some people may not like too thick of flavorful soup, so you can make an Italian Wedding Soup with its bright and light texture or even the Black Bean Chili Sweet Potato Soup that is just perfect for vegans. If you want to mix the soup with other stuff, such as tortilla, why not making Chicken Tortilla Soup? It’s healthy because it has avocado, but the best part is that you can pair it up with the crispy tortilla strips.


Tips and Tricks

When dealing with the canned beans, there are several things to do:

  • Always rinse the beans. Remove the beans, drain out the liquid, and then rinse them out. Do it until the water runs clear and you can’t see any sud anymore. The reason why you should ditch the liquid is that it contains extra starch, which means that it is possibly full of sodium.
  • Be creative. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that each recipe requires different beans. In reality, most beans work like a charm, whether you use white beans, kidney beans, black beans, and others.
  • Do the storage properly. Some people would store the (leftover) beans into the can again, but seriously, you don’t really want to do it. In fact, you should store the remaining in a plastic or glass container with cover or lid. When you store them in the refrigerator, they can last for around a week.
  • Don’t worry about substitutions. In the event the recipes require dried beans, but you don’t have one at home, no fret. Easily substitute them with two cans (around 15 oz) of beans for each cup of the dried beans.
  • Provide enough time. When you have beans in your dish, you want to allow just enough time so they can absorb the flavor properly. If you make stews or soups, especially, let them simmers for a while so they can absorb the flavor. Let them be for a minimum of 15 minutes.



In short, you just need to depend on your creative and like. With different types of canned beans, you should be able to make various kinds of tasty and healthy dishes. Feel free to explore the net for various canning recipes for beans that will pamper your taste buds for days!



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