In the event you live in Los Angeles and you want to know teriyaki near me, then you should try coming to Teriyaki Js. Don’t let the name fool you. They do offer Japanese fusion meals, but they also provide burgers and even seafood. Basically, the place is a one-stop eating place for everyone. If your family members like different kinds of foods (mom loves salad, dad prefers burgers, and the kids love seafood combo plate or steak teriyaki bowl), then you are coming at the right place.


Teriyaki Near Me: Teriyaki Js

Located on 8504 Paramount Boulevard, in Downey, California 90240, the place isn’t difficult to find. It typically opens from 10 AM to 8.30 PM, so buyers can enjoy long hours of tasty meal, with quite generous portion.

There are several winning points of this business. First of all, it is a family-owned business, so it has been around for quite a while. Plus, it also means that all of the food would be made fresh. Second, discounts are always available, but you need to ask first.

The place is about healthy dining and vegan friendly. They have a lot of menu, so you will never run out of option. It is also kid friendly, which means that it is a perfect spot for families. Some of the favorite menus include chicken teriyaki plate, grilled shrimp teriyaki bowl, steak teriyaki burger, and fries and fountain drink.


The Menu Options

The menu can be pretty long – and there are abundant of different options there. Whether you want Plates, Bowls, Burgers, Salad, and even Kids Menu, they have it all. It’s better that you check their menu online before coming to the place. Otherwise, you will spend forever browsing different kinds of options – and still not knowing what to order!

Let’s say that you are interested in Burgers, you will have to choose between Downey Burger, J’s Burger, Chicken Teriyaki Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, J’s Twist Chicken Teriyaki Burger, and so much more. Each of them is special and unique. For instance, the J’s Twist Chicken Teriyaki Burger is definitely different from the Chicken Teriyaki Burger. And yet, each of them is special, and each is super tasty!

There are extra add-ons or proteins, in case you are interested. And there is J’s Specialty Item which is about super tasty (and crispy) fries with your favorite protein as the topping, sesame seed, secret teriyaki sauce, scallion, and even hot cheetos! Sound mouth-watering, eh?

So, if you ever wonder about which teriyaki near me that is worth your time (and money), you can always go to Teriyaki Js.


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