What is leftover rice syndrome? Is it an illness caused by leftover rice? Unfortunately, yes. So, if you are often keeping leftover rice or even cook it for your next-morning recipe, please read this article. You will get some insight in this article.

Many of us would agree that leftover recipes sometimes are tasty. That’s why we often eat out and ask the waiter to pack the leftover for us to bring home. Well, who could see it as a crime act?

It is unfortunate that such precious leftover, especially if you brought it from a restaurant that you love going to—has to be thrown away to the garbage. For the sake of avoiding the rice leftover syndrome.

Well, that’s not always the fact. Sources out there mentioned that food in general, not just rice, can be the cause of leftover food syndrome. But why?

It is with the same cause as what you will have in rice. If you keep the leftover rice open under room temperature for more than two hours, chances of having it surrounded by molds aren’t zero. Instead, it’s the right amount of time to gather mold on your leftover rice.

You may think that these molds will be gone after reheating it. Unfortunately, reheating process will not make the problem gone for good. No matter how high the temperature is, you will have leftover rice syndrome if you keep the rice outside for quite a long time.

What are the symptoms of this syndrome? Since it is the problem of digestive system, typical food poisoning symptoms are what occurring on you. For instance:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

But don’t you worry that the symptoms will go for a long time—it’s not. Typically, the symptoms will set just a few hours after eating the ‘infected’ leftover. It will last no more than 24 hours. On some occasion, it can go over one day, but it is sure treatable.

That’s why, you need to know how to store a leftover food, and that not only for food that you are taking from restaurant. Pay attention to the open food you place on the dinner table or on top of the quarter.

If not eaten for one hour or so, make sure to store it quick to the fridge. For hot food with high volume of it, better to transfer it to some smaller containers. You can cool it quicker and after that, put it in the fridge. The same with rice. If you’re not eating it for more than 1 hour, make sure it doesn’t surpass 2 hours. Put it inside your fridge (chiller). That will help to avoid leftover rice syndrome.


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