How much cooked rice is 1/4 cup dry? You may have this question if you’re new to cooking rice. Even though rice is a popular, even a staple ingredient in various cultures and different continents, it can be hard to estimate how much of it that you need. Especially because rice will swell once it has been cooked with water.

So, now you have some rice and ready to prepare it. It is extremely helpful to know the amount of cooked rice from a certain amount of dry rice. That being said, the answer can differ slightly between different types of rice. Below are the estimated amounts of dry rice needed to cook for some of the most popular types out there:

White rice

White rice has 1:3 ratios for uncooked and cooked amount. So, if you wonder how much cooked rice is 1/4 cup dry for white rice, the answer is 3/4 cup.

One cup of cooked white rice makes one full serving, which contains 266 calories, 59 gr carbohydrates, and 4.8 gr proteins. So for each person, you’ll need to boil 1/3 cup dry white rice.


Brown rice

Compared to white rice, brown rice goes through less processing, causing it to have more whole grains. This means, brown rice expands more in comparison to the other. The ratio for dry to cooked brown rice is 1:4. So, how much is a 1/4 cup dry rice cooked? The answer is 1 cup.

Similar to white rice, one full serving of brown rice is one cup of it. A cup of brown rice contains 218 calories, 35 gr carbohydrates, and 5 gr proteins.


Long-grain rice

There are white and brown types of long-grain rice, in which the difference lies in their textures. Long-grain rice is rather dry and doesn’t hold moisture even after fully cooked.

The ratio for dry to cooked white long-grain rice is 1:3. You will need 1:3 cup long-grain rice to serve 1 cooked cup. Meanwhile for brown long-grain rice, the ratio is 1:4. To get 1 cup of cooked long-grain rice, you will need 1/3 cup dry white long-grain rice or ¼ cup dry brown long-grain rice.

By now, you’ve discovered the amount of dry rice needed to make a cup of cooked white, brown, and long-grain rice. Simply use the guide above to determine how much cooked rice is 1/4 cup dry, whichever variety of rice that you have.


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