You may wonder what the ingredients in a Slim Jim are. Well, there are many ingredients you can find on the package. Ranging from meat, which consists of three meats combination: beef, pork, and chicken, to many chemical names you don’t understand what it is about.

Many say that the snack isn’t healthy. To say it objectively, it can be a power-recharging snack, but it can be dangerous as there is high content of sodium in it. Not to forget, the saturated fat is too, you need to pay attention on. Because for each serving, you can get your total fat needs covered by almost 15%.

You may wonder what the nutrition facts say about the ingredients of Slim Jim. In this explanation below, you will learn what information that they have served on the package.

Calories count
The calories count for each stick is around 40 kcal, while for one serving (4 sticks), that would be 150 kcal. We would say it is 160 kcal, but why the reduction happens? For this, we aren’t really sure.

The serving sizes
According to the package, one serving size is 4 sticks. Per container, there comes 3.5 servings. If you wonder how much calories will it make, simply multiply 150 and 3.5. You will get 525 kcal per container.


Total carb
Lucky you, there is no ‘added’ carb in a massive amount. This is understandable, since the main ingredients in a Slim Jim is meats. But that doesn’t mean this snack has no carbs: it has 6 gram per serving. This is said to cover 2% of your daily value.


Total fat
This starts to be concerning. Per stick, it is said that the total fat is 3 grams, covering 4% of your daily value. For each serving, that’d make 11 gram which means you have gained 14% of total daily fat.


Saturated fat
Another indicator why people say this snack is unhealthy would be this: saturated fat. For each serving you will get 20% of your daily value covered. Imagine if you are eating all Slim Jims in the container. That makes 75% of your total daily saturated fat need covered.

If you eat more ‘fatty’ food with high saturated fat content, like burgers, hot dogs, etc., that’d may get you surpass 100% of daily saturated fat.


Another nutritional content that you need to think about is this one. Per serving, you will get around 530 mg which counts for 23% of your total daily need of sodium. Grab all sticks in the container and you will have 23 x 3.5 = 80.5% of your DV (Daily Value) of sodium covered.

Hope you find this explanation useful. Although it may make you worry, Knowing the ingredients in a Slim Jim will help you to avoid taking the food too much so it won’t be dangerous for you.


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