How much is a 10 piece McNugget? If you are not a fan of McDonald’s yet wondering how nice their McNuggets is, you may wonder how much you should pay for this food. Luckily, you won’t need to pay a lot for a 10-piece package of McNuggets.

As sources mentioned, the price of McNuggets per 10 pieces is $4.49. However, this may be different if you want it to be a ‘meal’. If you purchase McNuggets as ‘Meal’ package, you need to pay $6.49. This means you will get 10 pieces of McNuggets and medium-sized French fries (or salad) and a medium-sized soft drink. Sounds like a great lunch to have at weekend.

You can try having the 10 pieces McNuggets first and know the taste. Many people love the taste of this ‘so-called’ snacks; hence they want it more. Even for some, it is addictive!

There are 20-piece McNuggets as well as 40-piece McNuggets package sold. However, keep in mind these aren’t coming with meal (French fries/salad and soft drink). The price of 20-piece McNuggets is $5.00, while for the 40-piece McNuggets is $8.99.

If you compare it to how much is a 10 piece McNugget, you will find out that the best deals is the 40-piece McNuggets price. However, this means you need to eat a lot of McNuggets, which may not be good for your health. Consider switching it to 20-piece’s deal, and you may need to save the McNuggets for later—if 20 nuggets are too many for you.

Different price

Some sources mentioned that the price of McNuggets may differ from one place to another. And fortunately, this is true. For example, the price in MA is $11.59 for the restaurant’s 10-piece of McNuggets, while in FL, it is priced as $5.99.

The price of 10 piece McNuggets will also be different if you are living in another country. In South Korea, for example, the price of McNuggets range from 1,800-4,500 won ($1.38-$3.45, exchange rate per August 2022). Plus, the serving size differs as well. If in the States the fewest amount per serving is 10, in South Korea, it is 4 nuggets per serving. That $1.38 cash is what you need to pay for 4 nuggets, while $3.45 is the price of 10 piece of McNuggets.

Healthy or Not?

Despite the difference of McNuggets price, is it healthy to eat McNuggets too many? Well, it is not that healthy if you eat it too much. Think of its total fat, especially saturated fat. Its sodium content is also concerning. Hence, although how much is a 10 piece McNugget isn’t that pricey for you, think about the long-term health consequences you may need to pay off.


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