Curious about what you can get as Outback lunch menu? Well, there definitely are some meals which are set as limited-time offer, but aside from those menus, you can literally find all menu in Outback as available to order during the day.

According to a resource, the limited-time offer will include these as follows:

  • Blooming fried shrimp, costs $13.49
  • Espresso butter filet (6 and 9 oz) costs $26.99 and $31.99 consecutively
  • Espresso butter Porterhouse, costs $38.99

Keep in mind that the price shown above is the price per August 2022. You may find slight differences from the price shown.

Also, keep in mind that the limited time offer will only be available during lunch time, which is starting from 12 PM and ends at 4 PM. With that Outback lunch menu said, you can say that the maximum budget you need to prepare will be only less than $40 (for the main course only).

If you want to order signature steaks menus, it is also doable. Listed below are some menus of signature steaks which you can find in Outback.

  • Outback center-cut sirloin (6, 9, and 11 oz), costs $14.99, $18.99, and $21.99 consecutively
  •  Ribeye (12 and 15 oz), costs $26.00 and $30.99 consecutively
  • Victoria’s filet mignon (6 and 9 oz), costs $24.99 and 29.99 consecutively.
  • Melbourne Porterhouse 22 oz, costs $36.99
  • Slow roasted prime rib (12 and 16 oz), costs $24.49 and $28.49.

Aside from those, you may also consider chicken menus as well.

  • Bloomin’ fried chicken, costs $16.49
  • Pineapple and pork medallion, costs $17.29
  • Grilled chicken on the barbecue, costs $14.99
  • Queensland chicken and shrimp pasta, costs $18.49
  • Alice springs chicken, costs $17.49
  • Chicken tender platter, costs $14.99

There are also chicken lunch specials menu served in this restaurant which costs you nicer deals.

  • Grilled chicken 5 oz on the barbeque, costs $9.99
  • 6 coconut shrimp, costs $9.99
  • The Outbacker burger $11.99
  • Bloomin’ fried chicken lunch size $10.99

If you desire to grab some seafood Outback menu for lunch, these menus are also perfect to fill your tummy. Ranging from salmon to a lobster, you can really choose one that suits your palate preferences.

  • Toowoomba Salmon, costs $23.49
  • Grilled salmon, costs $20.49
  • Steamed lobster, costs $29.99

Aside from those menus, you will also have sides menu which are relatively cheap, starting at $3.99 only. You may also order chicken-based appetizers, seafood-based appetizers, as well as some fries or bites as appetizers. Desserts? Ask no more. You can order a complete course instead of just ordering the basic Outback lunch menu!


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