Whether you are ready to begin embarking on homemade baking journey or determined to start a bakery, the following Claire Saffitz sourdough formula below can help you to learn a thing a two about the starter. Sourdough starter is a raising agent that comprises of fermented flour and water by using its naturally developing yeasts and bacteria to get the work done.

The technique used to create the starter according to Claire Saffitz sourdough recipe below involves feeding process, which is basically an essential step in all starter recipes you can find. It requires you to start the process three days before you are planning to serve the bread, in order to allow the yeasts and bacteria to grow within the flour.

Claire Saffitz sourdough

Claire Saffitz sourdough

By using the Claire Saffitz sourdough starter directions below, you don’t need to purchase or use commercial yeast. However, to simplify the process, it does use a mature starter which you can buy online at King Arthur Starter or Etsy.



  • Mature starter keep refrigerated until it is ready to be used
  • 200 grams white flour
  • Water



  • Begin to feed the starter in the morning, three days before the day of serving the sourdough bread.
  • Remove the starter from the refrigerator and transfer 20 grs of it into a clean, transparent container. Put the rest of the starter back to the refrigerator for next time use.
  • Mix the starter inside the container with 100 grs of tap water in room temperature until the starter is distributed evenly.
  • Add 100 grs of white flour into the starter mix until it forms a smooth paste.
  • Seal the container with plastic wrap at room temperature for 10 – 12 hours or until it grows into twice its volume.
  • Feed the starter again in the evening by repeating the steps above after it has doubled in size. You need to separate 20 grs of starter again, then mix it with 100 grs of water and then another 100 grs of white flour, before wrapping it up and set it aside for the mentioned amount of time at room temperature to be used in the following day.

The feeding process is important because the bacteria and yeast in starter become lethargic when exposed to the refrigerator’s cool environment. The feeding process, which is also referred to as refreshing, help the microorganism to become properly active again to be able to raise the dough you use to make Claire Saffitz sourdough bread.


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