Your friends may have talked a lot about metabolic confusion meal plan for endomorph. You may also have heard about it somewhere. What is this term, anyway? Well, it is pretty easy to understand, though.

Let’s first talk about what endomorph is. According to some sources, an endomorph refers to a body type which tends to have a large bone structure. Plus, it often is combined with a wide waistline. This type of body is said to be able to store fat easily, especially in the areas of upper arm, abdominal regions, and thighs.

It’s unfortunate that this kind of body finds it easy in storing fat, but not to ‘spend’ it. It results in a curvy frame and somehow bulky appearance. Although some may prefer this, but others don’t really like this kind of body. There are also complaints about this body type that finds it hard to keep the body weight in check.

How the diet plan works

The metabolic confusion meal plan for endomorph is set out in order to ‘confuse’ endomorph body in order to digest quicker. This diet method relies on carb-cycling as its main rule of the game. Hence, this diet plan offers one day high-calorie consumption and followed by much-lower carb-consumption on the next day.

For example, in day 1, you will be having a normal diet with 2,000 calories. Then, the next day you will only consume 1,000-1,200 calories. The high and low switching will improve your body’s capacity to digest the food pretty quicker, which results in lowering the body weight.

This kind of diet plan involves three-time meal and some intermediary snacks in between—be it in your high-carb day or in low-carb day.

Benefits of this diet

How will this kind of diet plan benefit you? Well, as said earlier, you will be given a benefit of lowered body weight. This is because the consumption of calories, which is random this way, is said to better encourage quicker digestion.

Therefore, with this diet plan, your body will use better amount of fat on the low-calorie day. When needed, your body will also use its fat storage as an energy supply. Keep in mind that in your low-carb day, you will need to consume healthy food. To mention some, you need to have whole grains, healthy fats, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

It is also said that with this metabolic confusion meal plan for endomorph body your body is forced to build more lean muscles. Your energy levels will improve, and you will feel fit even though you are in low-calorie day.

Curious about this diet plan? You better consult your dietician in order to start your journey with this metabolic confusion meal plan for endomorph diet plan—don’t start it raw without acknowledging anything!


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