Some of you may have heard about 1200 calorie high protein diet Dr Nowzaradan and wondering who this doctor is and what is he do. Well, this doc is a famous person known for prescribing his patients to eat only 1,200 calories in order to lose weight. The diet plan is to emphasize the use of protein to replace carbs (but you will still intake some carbs) and getting the fat to decrease since it is used as the main energy maker.

This diet plan is said to be great for anyone. However, the doctor himself said that this plan is best for obese and overweighted people.

The concept, which is earlier said, may be difficult for first timers. However, as people progress, the habit will be formed and soon it will be easier to keep on.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of taking this 1200 calorie high protein diet Dr Nowzaradan program? It is already clear that you will be able to control your intake and get your body goal. Besides cutting a certain kind of food (sugary food, especially), you can also get healthier. Your diet will also be balanced, which naturally lead yourself to shed those extra pounds.

The Diet Plan: What Food to Eat?

You may wonder, what this 1200 calorie high protein diet Dr Nowzaradan allows you to chew and gulp? You can read the details in this explanation below:

  1. Breakfast plan: the diet plan will include egg whites, oatmeal, cottage cheese (lo-fat), whole wheat bread, plain Greek yogurt, or turkey sausage. Is there any additional drink? Well, drink 0 kcal drinks are best: water or tea/coffee without sugar.
  2. Lunch plan: you can take veggies without starch, salads (no dressings, please), lean protein (bake, grill, or broil). Deli meat as an alternative, but you cannot take more than 3 ounces.
  3. Dinner plan: pretty similar as lunch, but you can take variation which emphasizes the protein contents.
  4. For snacks, you can get some Greek yogurt (indeed, you need it to be without sugar), turkey/ham roll-up.


What to Avoid

Compared to what to eat, the list of what to avoid can get more and more. The thing is, you cannot eat sugary foods, even ones with artificial sweeteners. Plus, you also need to avoid desserts, starchy vegs, chocolates, meal supplements (shakes), nuts, potatoes, soda, juice, alcohol, and the list can get more and more, as we’ve said earlier.

You can be interested in taking this diet plan. However, that’d be best if you consider paying a checkup first with your GP. Also, ask them whether this 1200 calorie high protein diet Dr Nowzaradan is a great fit for you or not—you know, everyone’s body has different settings.


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