Wondering what Bulgur Wheat Publix is? If you search that in Google, you will end up having some links showing you many products linked to it. You may wonder what bulgur is, and many people still do, so this article will help you to get a better understanding about this thing.

First thing first, bulgur is also called as wheat groats. Wheat groats, if you wonder, are grains such as oats, barley, and rye as well. Bulgur is typically made from hard wheat (durum wheat) and cracked, then partially cooked before the company package it.

What is the linking of bulgur and Bulgur Wheat Publix then? You know, Publix is a grocery store chain, a big one in the United States. The company also sells bulgur in their store, too, which you can find in the whole grains section or bulk foods section. Alternatively, you may also try to find the grain in the baking aisle, only if the other aisle mentioned doesn’t give you a good result.

To help you in understanding the grain better, listed below are some FAQs about this grain product.

Is bulgur and cracked wheat the same?

Well, it is true that bulgur is a kind of whole wheat which are cracked, parboiled (sometimes steamed), which later will be dried and ground onto many different sizes. Typically, bulgur is sold according to their size.


Is bulgur wheat healthy?

Just as what you can expect from a grain product, bulgur wheat Publix or bulgur in general, are healthy and it contains lots of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. With all of these, you can improve your digestion and it can also help you with weight loss. It may also help you to reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases.


What can replace bulgur?

There are several grainy products that you can use to replace bulgur, such as buckwheat groats, quinoa, rice, couscous, and cracked wheat.


Is couscous the same as bulgur?

Well, they may share similar features, but in general they are different. Couscous is cooked slowly when compared to bulgur, given the fact that bulgur is already part-boiled, dehydrated, and cracked.


Is bulgur more expensive compared to couscous?

In general, bulgur wheat price is way less expensive compared to couscous. However, it doesn’t mean bulgur is less qualified to be called as a great source of food, though. Their features are different; hence the nutritional measure is also different.

So, those are some details of bulgur, and the information related to it. Hopefully, this article helps you to better understand about this product before purchasing bulgur wheat Publix.


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