When you are searching for Clovervale Foods peanut butter and jelly graham crackers online, most of you will find that many still miss the taste of these crackers. Nowadays, it seems like finding one that comes from Clovervale Foods is impossible—given that the company was bought by another company, as reported by netizens.

If you have never tasted how this graham cracker, you can say that the main ‘attraction’ of this clovervale foods peanut butter and jelly graham crackers is the great combo it has. Yes, the combination of peanut butter and jelly: sweet, nutty, and savory, makes these graham crackers won the heart of many.

But what does this peanut butter and jelly combo speak for its nutritional fact? Is it just making your blood sugar spikes up like never before?

First, you should know that for each container you have purchased, it is supposed to be for 6 servings. So, the number you found on its packaging (if you managed to go back to the past and bought it), is representing the nutrition facts per serving.

If you are on a diet and planning to be in calorie-deficit state, this munch-munch is not a recommended snack. Per serving, you will input 260 calories which comes mainly from fat—coming as big as 20% of the weight per serving. This number is possible, since peanut butter itself is a source of fat.

As if coming as a trio, carbs and protein too are found in a good amount for each serving. Again, if you are looking for a keto-friendly snack, this graham cracker from Clovervale Food may not be your best choice. Although dietary fiber too can be found from this graham cracker, the amount is not quintessential enough to tackle your daily needs.

Aside from that, the sugar content is quite high, which is 15 gram per serving. Therefore, if you are in need to control your blood sugar level, we don’t recommend this snack.

Despite all that said, you should not dismiss this product and blacklist it from your healthy ‘snack’. These can still be a good product to munch, as long as you eat it in consideration.

If you are in such condition in which you should not take a high calorie, high sugar, or high fat food, you cannot take this food. In addition, if you are in a diet, you better stay away from this graham cracker as well.

That sums up the details of this peanut butter and jelly graham cracker by Clovervale Foods. So, what do you think about this Clovervale foods peanut butter and jelly graham crackers—do you still crave for it?


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