Searching for Frosted Flakes gluten free alternatives is a must if you’re a fan of this cereal but need to change your diet regimen. For people who just recently adjust into gluten-free diet, it is necessary to check every single food to consume to know if they contain gluten.

So, what is gluten? It is a protein contained in wheat products that holds the wheat together to retain the shape. It’s also found in rye, bulgur, faro, kamut, semolina, etc. As a naturally occurring ingredient, it is impossible to eliminate this substance from the grain.

That’s why it is only makes sense that cereal products made from wheat, malt barley, wheat flour, or malt flavor contains gluten. Sometimes, it also exists in the cereal’s flavoring. Frosted flakes, for example, contains barley-derived malt flavor that certainly carries gluten. Therefore, it’d be wrong to claim Frosted Flakes gluten free food. That being said, this product is vegan-friendly, even though you may still want to avoid it if your vegan diet requires restriction of Vitamin D and sugar.

In case you are looking for Kellogg’s frosted flakes gluten free alternatives, the list below provides several feasible options. You may consider purchasing from these brands the next time you’re going on an errand to commit better to your gluten-free diet.


Frosted Cheerios

This cereal product is not exactly similar to the Frosted Flakes that made from corn flakes, but it can be a good pick if you want frosted gluten-free cereal. Majority of cereal flavors from Cheerios do not contain gluten as it can be seen from the label on the packaging. As a bonus, this cereal also contains no dairy ingredient.


High Key Frosted Keto Protein Cereal

Being a grain-free and gluten-free product, this cereal only contains 10 gr of protein for each serving. Despite being a great alternative for those who don’t consume gluten, it is not a dairy-free item as it contains milk.


Envirokidz Amazon Flakes

This Nature’s Path product is aimed more towards kids. The cereal has cornmeal, sea salt, and cane sugar ingredients. The label of gluten-free on its packaging certifies that there’s less than 20 ppm of gluten in the Envirokidz Amazon Flakes.

As Frosted Flakes is a cereal brand that still has gluten as one of the substance, you may want to look for other options. The list of Frosted Flakes gluten free alternatives above may help you to create more informed decision during your next visit to the grocery store.


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