Ranch Oyster Crackers no bake recipe makes a preferable alternative for people who don’t want to make extra effort to bake them. Sometimes less is indeed more, and just by coating these guys with oil and tossing then sprinkling them with some seasoning is really enough to bring out a flavorful and fantastic taste.

A lot of families make Ranch Oyster Crackers as a staple family tradition. It is especially common to be found as a snack during the holiday season, even though it won’t be weird to munch on them any time of the year. They make a wonderful finger food for party and to bring on long road trips, beach vacations, or any other places and situations where you may want to some light and crunchy snack. Moreover, they also make a great addition to a soup when you put them on top of it.

Ranch Oyster Crackers No Bake Recipe that’s Extremely Simple and Quick

Ranch Oyster Crackers No Bake

It is a fun activity to make a batch of the ranch oyster crackers at home. If you decided to make more, then it can be a good idea to share them with your family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. What makes this no bake oyster crackers with ranch dressing even more interesting is that it’s so utterly simple and quick to create. 

Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins

Course Snack
Cuisine American

Servings 10



  • 1 bag or 16 oz. oyster crackers
  • 2 tsp. ranch seasoning mix
  • ½ cup vegetable or grapeseed oil
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder optional
  • 2 tsp. dried drill



  • Pour the oyster crackers into a container drizzle the oil on top of them before tossing them around to make the coat even.
  • Add the ranch seasoning mix, garlic powder, and dried drill as seasonings.
  • Stir the oyster crackers and the seasonings until they mix well.
  • Allow the crackers to dry out by letting them sit for a while then serve them after.

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Isn’t the recipe of Ranch Oyster Crackers no bake above really easy? You need just five ingredients that may be even already available in your kitchen. Even if they are not, you can run a quick errand to pick them up at the nearby grocery store. 

A lot of people feel nostalgic just by tasting the oyster crackers, so if it is your first bites in a while, they may remind you of the feeling of home and growing up. However, if you want to put a twist to this Ranch Oyster Crackers no bake recipe, you may add a little bit of red pepper flakes and cayenne to make them taste spicier.


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