Why should you start freezing scrambled eggs? Well, although it may not come as a trend, many people are start learning how to freeze their eggs. It is believed that there are various benefits one can receive as they are freezing the eggs. You can see the benefits as follows:

  • First, it’s about cost. Freezing your eggs will be an effective way to keep your egg for a long time. Buy the stocks while on sale, and you can end up full of stock for months. Sounds like a great plan, isn’t it?
  • By stocking your eggs, you can have the supply ready. It is also easier to use especially if you are cooking or baking cookies/cakes.
  • It saves space. By not keeping your egg in its round shape, you can get a chance to have more space in your freezer. You can stock other ‘stuff’ and thank us later.
freezing scrambled eggs

Freezing Scrambled Eggs

Wondering how to freeze your eggs? Guess what; making freezing scrambled eggs is so easy to do. You will only need these to make it:

Prep Time 5 mins

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American

Servings 12 eggs
Calories 755 kcal



  • A muffin tin. You may also use ice cube tray.
  • Salt and/or sugar
  • Freezer-safe bags or freezer containers plus a label to write the date.



  • Prepare your muffin tin.
  • Take the eggs. Break one and put the content each in one circle on the muffin tin. Continue until all eggs are put onto the tin.
  • Lightly scramble to mix the white and the yolk.
  • Then, add a seasoning—salt or sugar. You can add salt for the eggs that will be used to cook savory food, such as omelet, scrambled eggs, or even soufflés. In contrast, you need to add sugar for eggs used for desserts, cake, or any sweet items. No need to add it too much; just 1/8 tsp are enough for one egg.
  • Continue by storing the eggs on the freezer. But first, make sure you cover the muffin tin (or any container you use). Put it into the freezer and let it ‘stay’ there for 4-6 hours.
  • Once the eggs are frozen, proceed with transferring the eggs on freezer-safe bags/containers.
  • Then, label your frozen eggs. This can be done simply by adding dates on your container or freezer-safe bags. The frozen eggs will be OK to use up to a year.

It is not recommended to make frozen scrambled eggs by directly freezing a hard-boiled egg. The yolk may still be usable, but not the white as it can turn to be watery. So, well, that’s better to make freezing scrambled eggs like this so you can still enjoy the egg without any major taste alteration.


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