Recently, a new hack trend emerged, namely sanitize sponge in microwave. Sponge is one of objects that are often used in the kitchen, so it gets dirty very quickly. In fact, dirty sponges contain lots of bad bacteria, which will be harmful to the kitchen tool that you wash using the sponge. Therefore you need to wash it regularly.

For your information, there are actually a lot of easy tips and tricks to clean the sponges easily. One of them is by cleaning it using microwave. Well, this method is currently popular since it is very easy and practical. Here are the steps.

Mixing the soap and water

Well, the first thing you have to do is preparing the soap or any type of shampoo, and water. Mix both ingredients in a heatproof bowl or glass.

Soak the sponge

After you have finished making the mixture, you can soak the dirty sponge into it. Make sure the sponge is completely submerged and wet.

Put it in the microwave

After heating the microwave for 30 seconds, you can put the sponge and the container you use into it. You do not need to cover the bowl or glass you are using. Leave the container open then wait about 1 minute to sanitize sponge in microwave.

The volume of your sponge will later experience a change in volume to be somewhat larger. However, if it changes bigger than the normal volume, you should immediately remove it from the microwave.

Dry the sponge

Once it is out of the microwave, let the sponge for a while first until it has cooled a bit. When it is cold, you can rinse the sponge. In addition, you can also use kitchen tissue to dry the sponge by squeezing it in the tissue. Leave the sponge for a few more moments until you feel it is dry. Only then, you can use the sponge.

If you do not have a microwave, just sanitize sponge without microwave. You can use bleach, soak it with the soap mixture, or even wash it with washing machine. Moreover, there are some other tips for using a sponge, such as cleaning it regularly every day or it could be once a week. If you feel your sponge is getting dirty, just wash it immediately. Those are some methods to easily and quickly sanitize sponges in the microwave.


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