Meatloaf will always be identical with ketchup because it will give you the sensation of taste. But, in this case, not all people can consume ketchup. Especially those who suffer from diabetes, need to control their blood sugar to make themselves safe.

However, you can still enjoy this food with another topping, such as:

BBQ Sauce.

This food will be tastier if you use bbq sauce and this sauce will make this food classic food. You can use the sauce from the supermarket, or you can make it by yourself at home. Both still can make this food tastier.

If you make it by yourself, you can make it tastier, with the use of onion, garlic, and sugar, don’t forget to add the tomato sauce to make the taste has become stronger.


You can use mayonnaise to substitute the ketchup if you love the sweet taste rather than the spicy taste. In this part, you can add great flavor from the peppercorn pepper. Maybe it’s not as usual, but at least you can try it at home to substitute the ketchup with another sauce.

Red salsa

Do you want to get the spicy taste, but not from the sauce? You can try this to substitute the taste of chili sauce. In this part, red salsa consists of onion, tomato, garlic, lemon juice, and jalapenos, and they are mixed by the mixer.

In general, red salsa is used for food from Mexico. Most of Mexicans usually serve the chicken and are met with red salsa. And it becomes the 2nd way for diabetics to consume sauce because it is free from sugar.

Mushroom sauce

The mushroom sauce is usually used by those who love meatloaf. It can be the choice for you to consume your meatloaf. You can mix this with butter or not, depending on your desire. This sauce can substitute the chili sauce if you can’t consume that.

Cheese sauce

This sauce has become another way for those who identify as diabetics, you can use the sliced cheese and also mozzarella cheese, so you can still enjoy the food with another ketchup topping for meatloaf.

At the end of this article, you can find other ways to make the taste of your food better, depending on what you need. The taste is not different from the sauce used by this food as usual. Happy meal!


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