One thing that many people are wondering about is the secret to making Rotel queso dip. What is this thing anyway? Well, as its name suggests, it is a kind of dipping sauce that many people love. Of course, the brand Rotel itself is a famous brand. It produces many products of sauces and dips to meet the taste preferences of a lot of people. Anyway, what about this cheesy dipping sauce?

One thing to remember about Rotel queso dip with meat is that it is easy to make. Some people love it without any meat. Yet, the addition of beef enhances the overall flavor of the sauce. In the end, it is a matter of personal preferences for this thing. It requires only four materials to prepare this dipping sauce as close as possible to the original one from Rotel.

To prepare the so-called Rotel queso dip for twelve servings requires these ingredients. The ingredients consist of a pound of ground beef or sausage, 8 ounces of processed cheese, ½ teaspoon of chili powder, and 10 ounces of Rotel tomatoes. Those who do not want to incorporate any meat can scrap the ground beef from the list of ingredients.

Now, it is time to cook this Rotel dip with sausage that everyone would love to enjoy. The first thing to do is to brown either ground beef. It is best to incorporate medium-high heat for this process. It is ready when there is no pink left on the meat or sausage. Then, drain the fat and alter the heat to medium. Put the rest of the ingredients into the container with the beef. To finish this up, stir it constantly until the cheese melts. It is ready when it is smooth and thick.

It is best to serve this sauce immediately to prevent the cheese from hardening once again. Fortunately, it is easy to find anything to dip into the sauce and experience its delicious taste altogether.

So, it is that easy to try imitating the so-called Rotel queso dip from that famous brand. It requires about five minutes of preparation and fifteen more minutes of cooking. That recipe with those ingredients provides 126 calories, 1g carbohydrates, 11g protein, 42 mg cholesterol, and 4g fat. Of course, different materials will affect the nutritional facts of this dipping sauce. Anyone who loves this sauce so much will need to try making this homemade Rotel queso dip immediately.


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