Anaheim peppers are quite popular for making salsa or just added into a soup and other cuisines. They are often roasted so they don’t go bad easily and also add a much richer flavor to your meals. People with a passion for cooking might have already known that roasting is also one way to improve the taste of and preserve spices.

What can you do with roasted Anaheim peppers?

These peppers will develop a mildly sweet flavor after they are roasted. It makes them pretty much go for any meal. There are a few things you can cook using roasted Anaheim pepper. You can put them in your nacho or spaghetti sauce. Bearing the taste that isn’t too spicy makes them suitable to put into your mac and cheese as well. Adding them into your potato stew is also recommended.

Recipe for roasted Anaheim peppers

There are some ways you can roast Anaheim chilies which are stovetop, oven broil, or grill. The steps below explain the making of it using an oven broil.

Broil Roasted Anaheim Peppers for Your Delight

  1. The only ingredients you need are Anaheim pepper. The amount will depend on your need, or you can prepare around 10 ounces of it, which equals five peppers.
  2. After that, preheat the broil.
  3. While waiting, you can take a pan and cover it in foil-lined baking sheets; it’s where you will put the chilies.
  4. When the pan is ready, now it’s time for you to deal with the peppers. Cut them open in half lengthwise to get the seeds out.
  5. Then, put them on the pan with the skin facing up. Make them flat by pressing them with your hand.
  6. When making roasted Anaheim peppers, make sure to broil the pepper until the skin is charred or blackened. Usually, it will take 15 minutes to do this.
  7. After 15 minutes, Take the chilies out and put them in a plastic bag with a ziplock, then seal the plastic. Leave them like that for another 15 minutes to steam inside; This will help you remove the charred skin easily.
  8. Time to peel those skins and chop the roasted peppers.
  9. This one is important for you to know. You can throw the peeled charred skin away, but if you see some burnt on the meat, do not cut and throw them away because they can enrich the taste.
  10. When done chopping the roasted pepper, keep them in a container to store in the fridge.

If you are thinking about making roasted Anaheim peppers of your own, the above steps are easy for you to follow! However, you can always look for a more modified recipe if you need it. Good luck!


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