When you are grilling ribeye on gas grill, there will be plenty of things you should know. BBQ is going to be all impressive when the steak like rib eye is cooked to perfection, even when you are using gas grill. This type of grill is pretty hard to use, especially for those who have never used it before. However, these tips will help you out. Therefore, cooking rib eye will not be so hard anymore.


Rest the Steak in Room Temperature

There are plenty items of rib eye steak recipe. However, they come with the same tips: make sure the steak is not frozen when cooking. Yes, it is very much important to make sure the steak is well-rest in room temperature before you place it on the hot grill. This is the only way to get a nice, tender, juicy steak.


Season Before Placing on the Grill

When grilling ribeye on gas grill, you should season the steak just before placing it onto the grill. Make sure you put enough salt and freshly ground black pepper on the steak. It will help creating the beautiful crust on the steak, and it gives nice color as well. If you want to use something else, like dry rub seasoning, feel free to do that.


Use the Correct Surface Temperature 

The correct temperature for the gas grill is 450 degrees F. You need to set it correctly, so each side of the rib eye steak is going to be cooked and seared to perfection. This is the right temperature to get the nice crust on the steak as well.


Rest 5 Minutes After Cooking

This is the secret everyone knows: rest the steak before cutting it. You do not need to risk all the meat juice to ooze out of the steak. Wait for 5 minutes and leave the steak on the rack before slicing it.

Rib eye is the premium steak that everyone wants to cook. When you cook it on stove top, you probably want to bash it with a lot of butter, garlic and herbs. However, on gas grill, the tips are just to season the whole steak correctly with salt and pepper, and then cook it in the right temperature. The tips on grilling ribeye on gas grill should give you the perfect steak, and it will help you eat the perfect meal during the BBQ.



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