Are KitKats gluten free? Well, this is the question that everyone wants to know. Many people cannot eat gluten because they have health condition or when they just want to be healthier. Therefore, they opt not to eat snacks and products with gluten in their ingredients, such as flour. This is the information to reveal whether or not KitKats is gluten-free.


Is KitKats Gluten Free?

The answer to the question of “Are KitKats gluten free” is no. Unfortunately, KitKats are not gluten free. When you check the bag of the package and see the list of ingredients you can see “flour” in there, meaning that the infamous chocolate bar is not meant for those looking for gluten-free snacks.


Why is it Important?

Well, finding out whether or not KitKats is gluten free is essential because there are actual people out there who are allergic to gluten or cannot consume one due to certain health condition. This is why they need to know first before eating any KitKats.


Is There Any Gluten Free KitKats?

As a matter of fact, there is. Last Easter, KitKats released a special edition product in the shape of Easter Bunny and this time, flour is not listed in the ingredients and thus many people believe that this product is actually gluten-free. It is not the traditional KitKats, though, shape-wise, but it tastes just the same.


Where Can I Buy the Product?

Unfortunately, the product is limited edition and today it is not available anymore. However, some people can still find it online. When you cannot find the product, do not worry about it because you should be able to make your own gluten-free snack. Read the next one below.


Can I Make My Own Gluten Free KitKats?

Yes, sure you can. You can make your own KitKats bar using gluten-free flour. There are gluten free KitKats recipe websites out there and finding one won’t be difficult at all. You should be able to make your own snack which is better for your health.

That is the answer to the infamous question about whether or not the chocolate bar is gluten free. It is not, and you should find other products or make your own version of homemade KitKats when you wish it to be gluten free. Considering that the question of “are KitKats gluten free?” is answered, you can have a peace at mind now.


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