Gourmia instant pot is a pressure cooker that will make an ideal investment for those of you who would like to spend less time standing in a kitchen. This product is available in various models, but the best buy is Gourmia GPC625 that comes with a 6-quart size pot, which is large enough for the majority of middle-sized families. The best thing about the pot is that it can be removed with an exterior made of stainless steel.

The lid is also removable, which you will not find in other pressure cookers. Even the lid has a proprietary mechanism of safety lock level 12 to prevent any unwanted mishaps. Just like most pressure cookers, Gourmia instant pot is specifically designed to prepare any type of food up to around 70 percent faster and better than regular stovetops as it will lock the flavors and nutrients of the food in. This allows you to prepare food in a variety of ways, including slow sautéing, cooking, steaming, or even sterilizing.

You also have the flexibility to select from six different modes of cooking, ranging from fine poultry and meats to stews and soups by simply pressing the existing button. The one-touch buttons for all the pre-programmed cooking modes and additional buttons to customize the pre-set modes are located at the control panel.

However, the Gourmia instant pot accessories, such as steamer, cake pan, and egg cooker do not include in the GP625 model, meaning you will need to buy them separately. Even so, this pressure cooker is still equipped with some features that might not available in other brands. These include a precision thermostat where it can help you automatically regulating the pressure and temperature to get the best possible results when cooking. There are also Delay Times and Keep Warm functions, where the former allows you to set the start time for the cooking process, so you can enjoy a hot, delicious meal when you are home. Meanwhile, the latter will keep your meals warm.

Gourmia pressure cooker comes with an interface that is relatively easy to understand. Unfortunately, the instructions for the usage of this unit can sometimes be a little bit confusing. The lid of this cooker is also a little bit difficult to align. Even so, it’s a versatile product that will replace some of your kitchen appliances, such as rice cookers and steamers. In conclusion, the Gourmia instant pot makes an excellent investment, and you will also get a free pressure cooker book should you don’t know what to cook with your new pressure cooker.


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