Grilling brats on gas grill is one of the many ways you can serve the ingredients. It is extremely easy to grill Bratwurst on a gas grill and the process is relatively quick. The methods of cooking might differ a bit according to the brat type that you choose, but in general, the fresh, uncooked one is more preferable because it has considerable amount of fats and more chews to it.

Bratwurst is Germany sausage that is simple, yet full of flavor. It is the perfect ingredient to use anytime, whether for lunch or dinner, where you are craving quick, savory meal. Brats can be made from beef, pork, or veal – with pork being the common one. You may enjoy the bratwurst on its own or with other dish such as potato salad, but in the recipe of grilling brats on gas grill below, the brat is served with bread buns.


  • 6 bratwursts bread bun
  • 6 bratwursts
  • Topping of your choice

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Prepare the grill by preheating it to 325-350°F or medium heat.
  2. Set the bratwursts on top of the grill’s indirect heat side and then wait for it to be cooked for about 15-18 minutes, or until its temperature inside is 150-155°F. To get it cooked evenly, turn the brats occasionally.
  3. Move the bratwursts to the grill’s direct heat side and then grill for about one to two minutes until the outside looks ready.
  4. Set the brats buns down on the grill for several seconds until they get quite crisp.
  5. Lift the bratwursts and the buns off of grill. Set the brats inside the buns and then put your chosen toppings such as mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise.

It is really easy to cook, right? That being said, there are a couple of tips that can make your grilled bratwursts taste and look even more amazing.

First, always start with low heat before you turn it to high temperature. The low heat will allow the inside part of the brats to cooked and then the high heat create crisp texture for the outside part, which means the bites are going to be more satisfying.

Second, you may want to consider using cooking thermometer to check the internal temperature of the bratwursts. This lets you get the brats into the right temperature without having to pierce it open and get the juices inside to escape. With these two simple tips on grilling brats on gas grill, you are guaranteed with perfectly cooked, amazing flavored meal for the day.


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