Backfin Crab Meat is a canned product of sweet, juicy crab meat that you can use for any dishes. A lot of people love seafood and crab meat in particular. However, buying a live crab is expensive and taking the meat out of a crab is quite difficult, for those who do not have any experience. This is why buying a canned crab meat is a good choice, especially when the product is so good like Backfin. Here are some reasons why you should use Backfin.


Better Flavor and Texture

The product is made out of steam live crabs. It makes sure that the sweet white meat has better flavor and better texture. The meat is from the small lump and body meat, which is so juicy. This product is as good as live crab and no one will be able to tell the difference once the meat is cooked or processed into dishes.


100% Shell-Free

People hate it when they buy crab meat, canned or not, and the meat is just full of shell flakes. It ruins the texture and makes some people gag as well. Thankfully, when you use Backfin Crab Meat, you will get 100% shell-free crab meat. The can contains nothing but 100% juicy, sweet crab meat with luscious and soft texture.

Backfin Crab Meat

Dependable Supply

This canned crab meat product is produced all year round by Backfin. They make sure that the supply is good so that the Backfin Crab Meat price is not going to be too high for everyone to afford. The canned product is available in every grocery store and it can even be purchased online to help everyone getting the product so easily.


Perfect for Any Recipe

The meat is so tender and soft, making it easy to be used for any recipe. You can make dips, all types of soups, stuffing for any dish, crab cakes and even salad using this product. The product is available in 1 lb size, making it easier for you to make batch of crab dishes according to your liking.

So, it is clear that whether you want to make chowder or any types of filling with crab meat, Backfin is the one product of canned crab that you need to use. They are fairly affordable and they will stay in your pantry for a long time. For this reason, it is very understandable why everyone is so keen of buying and eating Backfin Crab Meat.



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