Having brats on traeger grills is one of the best decisions to make if you are going to hold a party. Who doesn’t love brats? The juiciness makes almost everyone become head over heels in love. Moreover if you are grilling it right with the right prepping technique. To make your bratwursts become pieces of ‘maestro art’, this article below will show you how to do that.

Selecting your bratwurst

The perfect bratwurst has two kinds of meats made into one ‘packaging’: lean and fatty meat. What makes the juiciness comes to real is the fat component, and all combined with the lean component, there comes a perfect bratwurst to shoo away your bad day.

Therefore, knowing how much the ratio for these both met components is important to get the best taste you’ve never have before. The right ratio comprises you that despite the meat being pre-boiled, the after-grill taste won’t be reduced.

The best proportion for lean and fatty meat is 70/30; meaning that there would be 70% portion of lean meat and the rest should go with fats. In its raw form, you can measure it by seeing the ratio between the light pink versus the white part of the brat.


Seasoning the bratwurst

It’s undeniable that you will be required to season the bratwurst as your tongue preferences say. However, if you decide on grilling your bratwurst, make sure that you know what you are doing with the seasoning.

What does that mean? Know whether add vegetable oil while seasoning or not. Well, it’s no more a secret that seasoning for grilling bratwurst is only rubbed against the brats. So, it is prone to lost some seasoning from sticking to the grate.


Smoking vs. braising

If you are working on brats on Traeger grills, then that will be important to know what you are going to make: is it going to be smoked brats or braised brats?

  • Smoking your brats on Traeger grill will require you around 45 minutes and up to an hour. The temperature required to make the smoked brats perfectly cooked is around 225oF. After the long wait of 45 minutes, add more heat until it reaches 375oF, and simply crisp up the brats’ casing. Only several minutes are needed for this step.
  • Braising your bratwurst means you have to prep enough time around 45 minutes to an hour (and even a little bit more). The starting cooking temp is set to 275oF; and after the waiting period, all you need is to heat it more to reach 375oF, and finish your brats directly there.

After you smoke or braise your brats, the last step is to grill your brats. Choose hickory, apple, or maple wood pellets to grill your sausage. Each pellet has its own advantage to make your brats on Traeger taste nice.


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