Pizza crust with self rising flour tastes as good as pizza made with yeast, but this pizza is easier and faster. Under 30 minutes, then you have pizza on your dining table with some ingredients that you have in your kitchen. It is the easiest pizza that you can follow. Of course, many people may consider trying pizza crust with self rising flour and yeast. It’s all depending on your preference.


No yeast pizza by using self-rising flour

If you have self-rising flour in your kitchen, then you can substitute this menu easily. Rather than using dry ingredients, you only need to use 2 ½ cups of self-rising flour, water, and olive oil. You can mix them by using a wooden spoon or spatula. You need to get your hands to this dough and knead it into a ball. It is an easy pizza crust with self-rising flour. You can follow this pizza crust with self rising flour recipe.


No yeast will save your time more

No yeast dough will save your time more since you do not need to knead and wait for it to rise. The dough will rise without yeast, so once it gets mixed, then your dough is ready to make your delicious pizza. So, having pizza crust with self rising flour can be the fastest way to prepare your pizza.


Start to roll your dough 

No matter what kind of pizza that you make, you may roll it on parchment paper. If not, your dough will stick to your surface. It is also easy to transfer it to your pan. You just simply roll the dough in the desired thickness. You can make a thin crust or thick crust pizza as well.


It’s time for pizza pan 

Just like when you make traditional pizza dough, then you can choose some pan options. You can use a round pizza pan of any size. If you have a smaller pan, but you want to make a thin pizza, then you can divide your dough into two parts.


Make a crispy pizza button 

No matter what your pizza crust recipe, you should know that the best way to cook your pizza dough is to cook it in a hot pan. You need to preheat your oven first at 450 degrees Fahrenheit before making dough, then you need to preheat the pan when you prepare the crust. So, you can make your best pizza crust with self rising flour.


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