If you are looking for foods that heal the spleen, you’re on the right track. Spleen plays a big role in our digestive system. It’s located just right behind the stomach, and it has the job to digest, transforming, and transporting both nutrients and wastes to the next stop. As one of the frontiers of digestive system, spleen is a vulnerable organ which faces a lot of ‘damaging’ goods entering our digestion. That’s why we need to do a kind of cleansing and strengthening to make it stay healthy.

Below is the list of foods that heal the spleen. Take your note and be prepared to see what miracle these foods bring for the organ.


Sweet fruits, such as apples, dates, sweet cherries, plums, red grapes, as well as dried fruit like raisin are good for your spleen’s health. According to Chinese medicine, a particular flavor which is associated with the spleen is sweetness. However, this doesn’t mean that you can eat a whole lot of refined sugar. Have the natural ones – and also remember to take it in moderation.



When there’s a talk of health, vegetables can’t be excluded just like fruits. Well, some vegetables which your spleen will like include pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. Don’t eat these raw. Have it well-cleaned first and boil it to ease your digestive system to work.



Rice eaters can find themselves as luckiest people. Grains, including rice, amaranth, oats, polenta, and millets, are also the ingredients to make a happy spleen. With the carb that these grains have, the food will help to strengthen your spleen, making it powerful to work well. But take it in modestly, and that’s best to dodge over if you’re having problems with high glucose levels.



Invite hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, and the sesame seeds to your home and let them do wonders for your spleen. Combining fruits with nuts will help to keep your blood sugar stable. However, don’t take your nuts as snacks especially for the late-night ones. Your spleen is the weakest at 7-11 PM, so that’s better to have the last meal before that time.



The next ‘thing’ on this foods that cure spleen list is spices. Interestingly, spices also play a role for improving your spleen function. Turmeric, cardamom, cumin, ginger, and cinnamon have been long-known for their features of enhancing digestion.

Try to involve those foods into your daily diet. Along with that, limit yourself to refined sugar, raw food, dairy products, as well as drinking ice-cold beverages. These are the no-no for your spleen. After two weeks, feel the difference. Taking these foods that heal your spleen will surely bring wonders for your body.


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