Healthiest Bread at Subway: 5 Best Bread Options to Munch

Healthiest Bread at Subway

It’s glad to know that there is such a thing like healthiest bread at Subway. Subway has been known as one of the America’s healthiest fast-food restaurant. You might wonder what kind of fast food bread makes the way to be considered as the healthy one. Well, you will going to see it below. We’ve ranked several breads at Subway that deserve to be categorized as healthy according to their calories and other aspects such as fiber and sodium amount. Listed below is the list of breads which you can try to have.

Subway’s 9-Grain wheat bread

With 180 calories, this Subway bread can be one of your choice of healthiest bread at Subway to enjoy. From those 180 calories, the majority comes from carbohydrates (74%). You may wonder about the dietary fiber, too. As the bread is made from grains, it’s no wonder that the dietary fiber can provide 16% of the daily fiber needs. Good enough for your gut.


Subway’s Italian (white) bread

With the same serving of 6-inch, the next top-tier in the term of calorie count is the Italian white bread. The total calorie is same, 180 calories. But the bread is made from higher carbohydrate – although it doesn’t differ much – which is 76%. However, it will fill the eaters with only 1% daily dietary fiber need. And this bread has more sodium, which can cover one-tenth of your daily sodium need.


Subway’s Parmesan Oregano bread

Next bread on this healthy bread at subway list is Parmesan Oregano bread. If you are looking for a low-sodium bread, this isn’t the thing. However, in terms of calories, this bread can be one alternative since for every serving size, it has 190 calories (fillings excluded of course).


Subway’s Honey Oat bread

It has similar amount of calories as the parmesan oregano. It has 2 grams additional sugar, so if you’re trying to lessen your sugar intake, better choose other breads to chomp. The total carbohydrates making up the calories are relatively in the same amount of the wheat bread, which is 76%. Thanks to those additional sugars. With 190 calories, this can be another low-calorie bread option one can choose in Subway.


Subway’s Roasted garlic bread

With 210 calories to store, this tasty bread has 76% carbohydrate tagged along. The dietary fiber can fill 8% of total daily need; but what’s bad about this bread is the high amount of sodium, which is around 1,230 mg. This contributes to 51% daily sodium need – which is very high compared to other bread.

In the term of calories, those aforementioned Subway’s breads can be the options of low-calorie breads. But always remember that the calorie value mentioned above is only for the bread. Hence, that doesn’t represent the sandwich as whole. Hope that list of the healthiest bread at Subway can help you to choose what to munch more wisely, stay healthy!

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