When you held a special event during days with warm temperature, a Baskin Robbins Unicorn Cake will make a unique treat. It is a perfect dessert whether you need to celebrate a specific occasion or just need to cool off. Do you know that it is easy and much cheaper to create this unicorn cake at home?

Having an ice cream cake with decorated unicorn on top is both pleasing for the eyes and the taste buds. You’ll love how pretty the white velvet frosting against colorful decoration and golden unicorn horn. Check out this unicorn ice cream cake Baskin Robbins for brief instruction to create the ice cream cake base.


  • 1 cake mix box
  • 1 ½ qt vanilla ice cream
  • 1 ½ qt flavored ice cream
  • 1 jar cocoa hot fudge sauce


  1. Follow the directions to prepare cake mix. Pour half of the cake mix batter into spring form pan.
  2. Let the cake cool down entirely.
  3. Put a layer of cocoa hot fudge sauce and let it freeze.
  4. Melt the flavored ice cream a little bit, then create its layer over the cooled down cake.
  5. Let the cake freeze then take it out from the pan.
  6. Melt the vanilla cake and whip it by using mixer until it turns into spreadable texture.
  7. Freeze the cake inside freezer for about two hours.
  8. Decorate in unicorn theme as you’d like.

This decoration of this unicorn ice cream cake is basically covered in smooth white frosting and put colorful mane swirls, then added with golden horn from fondant. You may also add the unicorn’s ears and eyes by using iced black slits fondant.

To create the horn in this Baskin Robbins Unicorn Cake, you will need fondant in the size of golf ball, a wooden skewer, and powdered sugar to prevent fondant becoming sticky. Simply use a store bough fondant to create the horn. Roll your ball fondant on a silicone mat or any flat surface that’s dusted with powdered sugar to create tapered fondant rope. Then wrap it around wooden skewer to mimic a twisted unicorn horn shape.

After you’re done with the horn, stick it somewhere on the cake where it is safe. For further decoration, you can paint the horn with edible gold. The ice cream cake itself is not a complicated recipe to recreate, but to make the Baskin Robbins Unicorn Cake decoration is a time-consuming work.


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