There’s nothing that can make you quite nostalgic of your childhood summer days as the Dairy Queen cherry dipped cone. Dairy Queen itself has existed as popular ice cream shop in America for more than eight decades. The soft cones that topped with creamy frozen dessert are one of their trademarks and icons for years. Besides the cherry dipped, there used to be chocolate dipped as well as the coat top of sweet and cool vanilla ice cream.

Dairy Queen has gone through so many things over times to stay relevant in game and has created plenty of in its respective field. Over those years, the ice cream shop has released a wide array of various treats. Regardless of the considerable amount of product changes and introductions, the vanilla cone has stayed as the essence of Dairy Queen’s existence.

Dairy Queen cherry dipped cone became scarce in different chains all over the country. That’s why it is rare to find the heavenly taste of cherry flavored shell that encases vanilla soft ice cream. Worry not, though, as you can make it yourself by Dairy Queen cherry dipped cone recipe below.


  • 6 oz white chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ¼ cup cherry flavoring oil
  • Red food coloring


  1. Using a pan in low heat, melt all the listed ingredients until they are blended and smooth textured. You may also use double boiler or microwave.
  2. Dip your vanilla ice cream cone on it, or spoon the cherry dip over your ice cream.

The elusiveness of cherry dipped cone has somehow made it the focus of interest and pursuit of many people. The ruby colored coat topping cone is no longer the part of common Dairy Queen menu, but it sure still has loyal followers – you may even encounter with dedicated online fan page to inform and document fans where they can get the cherry dipped frozen dessert.

It might be more than a wishful thinking to hope that Dairy Queen will officially include this menu again at all of their stores if the fans are making sound about it. However, if this particular dip is yet to be available in your local Dairy Queen store, then the provided recipe can always help you to recreate it at home. After all, you can always buy any basic vanilla cone and use the easy to recreate Dairy Queen cherry dipped cone formula above.


3 Responses on “Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone Easy Copycat Recipe Guide

  1. 1/4 cup cherry flavoring oil? Isn’t that a lot? I’ve seen another site that said 1 tsp. Isn’t the flavoring oil very potent in taste? Is this too much? Please help. I really want to get this cherry dip recipe right. …KAT

  2. I tried the recipe and it could be the oil I used (LorAnn oils) or it could be the amount but it was definitely too much. I have never tried using flavoring oil at all, let alone this brand or this flavor. I used about two thirds to three quarters of an ounce – less than half the recipe – One o start because the bottle states it is super strength, but it was not good. I realized it was too much I diluted as much as possible but it didn’t taste like the dairy queen version, not close at all unfortunately. Definitely use much much less or try a different recipe.

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