You may want to know Baskin Robbins flavor of the month. The answer depends on the period you pick it. The fact is some flavors have been on the top list several times. You often see them at regular basis. So, before finding and expecting which one will be the best, you should know why this honor is created.

The popular flavors in one month

Baskin Robbins has at least 30 flavors. Some of them are familiar ones, such as vanilla, banana, and chocolate. The company also provides unique ice cream, and introduces the new one. You may ask for the flavor of the month, and the answer is the one with highest selling in that period. This is the easiest calculation. When people buy more, it means the product is excellent. It can continue more than one month even three or a year. That’s possible if Baskin Robbins only focuses on specific flavor.


The brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla flavors

For your information, brown sugar is the top candidate for Baskin Robbins flavor of the month. During certain period, this flavor was refreshing. At home, you may not have vanilla and chocolate, but brown sugar. The taste is unique and refreshing.

Moreover, chocolate has the same variations, and the one with chip is at the top selling flavor. Furthermore, Baskin Robbins has several chocolate flavors. It is not new thing when you find one of them in this list. In fact, people like chocolate ice cream since it is delicious and compatible with any ages. When people buy ice cream, they often pick the one with neutral flavor, not something flashy or fancy.



This honor is from the top selling. It means the company is capable to sell more ice creams. On the other hand, it is also useful as marketing. Some people do not buy ice cream regularly. When arriving in the ice cream booth, they will be interested with something unusual. This is when Baskin Robbins decides to offer the best flavor. Therefore, people will try to come again for the new Baskin Robbins flavor in the next time.

With more flavors, some of them are at regular basis that people buy in average moderation. Of course, two or more flavors are rare to order. To boost the sales, this company creates the new flavor as a part of Baskin Robbins flavor of the month.


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