Putting beets in juicer can be one of the ways to start to lose weight and stay healthy. Weight has become a real issue for so many people, and consuming beets on a daily basis can help to keep fit and healthy. However, living a healthy life is not always enjoyable. But there are a lot of things that might help; these include consuming beets juice.

Making fresh and delicious beets juice doesn’t have to be complicated. Just put beets in juicer, and you can drink it regularly. But the question is which juicer to buy? Do read on to know more about how to choose the right juicer and so on.

Many people are concerned about the health and dietary consumption. But many of them are on a tight schedule and don’t really have a considerable amount of time to cook healthy meals. That’s why juicer is the ideal choice. You can get a daily dose of veggies or fruits without adding them to another meal. Juicer has that power to make everything much simpler. Just juice a few beets and you ready to enjoy it. You can also add other ingredients to create additional flavor. That’s the perk of having a juicer.

Ever thought that making beets juice with a blender is just the same as using juicer? Both will give different texture and juicer is the right choice for those who hate drinking beet juice with big chunks. A juicer will separate the juice from the fruit fibers, and it makes each of nutrition in the fruit is easy to absorb into the bloodstream.

There are two types of juicers, centrifugal and masticating juicers. A centrifugal juicer can separate the juice from the fibers, and it’s the best choice for those in a hurry. As for masticating juicers, this one has a slower process and is able to make the juice less foamy than its counterpart.

How to juice beets in juicer becomes one of frequently asked questions by those who just bought a juicer. It’s actually quite simple. You only need two beets, cleaned and trimmed, cut it in cubes, then one seedless cucumber, fresh ginger for about an inch length, and lemon, peeled off. Turn on the juicer, push each ingredient on to it starts by putting the beets in juicer, cucumber, lemon, and fresh beets juice is ready to enjoy, and add the leftover lemon if you feel like it.


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