There are many methods of thawing frozen pizza dough. However, it would be best to not using a microwave or other ways that might slightly cook the pizza dough. The best way to thaw pizza dough is by using a cold thawing method. Once the pizza dough is defrosting, do use the dough in a few days to avoid the chance of the pizza dough turns to be sour.

Frozen pizza dough is a perfect way to have a quick pizza dinner. However, it takes a lot of time to defrost the dough. Here are the fastest methods of thawing frozen pizza dough without lessening the quality of the dough.

Using the Cold Water

The first fastest way for defrosting frozen dough is to cover it with cold water. Take out the frozen pizza dough from the freezer, keep it in the storage bag, and place it into a medium-sized bowl. Pour cold water into the bowl until the dough is entirely covered by the water.

Leave the dough in the storage bag under the water for about one up to two hours. Once there are bubbles appear on the pizza dough, take it out from the pack and leave it in the dry bowl for about an hour. After that, the dough is ready to use.

Using the Warm Water

Be careful when using water to defrost the frozen pizza dough if you do not want to make the dough is partially cooked. However, this method will make the frozen dough ready to use quite quickly. Before thawing the dough, make sure it’s in an airtight storage bag by removing the air as much as possible, and seal it tightly.

Fill a large bowl with warm water, and place the pizza dough in it. For every ten minutes, change the water since the dough will make it cool. Changing the water is a must thing to do until the pizza dough is defrosted.

Apart from the two methods above, there are still many ways on how to thaw frozen pizza dough. If you have a lot of time, it would be best to defrost the frozen pizza dough by using cold thaw methods such as covering the dough with cold water. Meanwhile, the warm thaw method is faster and requires a specific control. Each method for thawing frozen pizza dough has its own requirements, so choose wisely.


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